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July 02, 1986 Bronx, NY

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Lindsay Lohan - Child Actor Curse or Star on the Rise?
07/08/07 12:55 by Nasanji Parker for

At just 21, Lindsay Lohan has lived through more than most of us at 40. She's definitely been to rehab more times.

Yet, unlike Paris Hilton, who is constantly in the media spotlight despite having few discernible talents, Lohan is actually a critically praised actress who has been a phenomenon since she was 11. The attention the public pays her is deserved, even if sometimes it's for less-than-savory things.

She was born in 1986 in the Bronx, the child of a dancer and a former actor. Her dad (the actor) had inherited a successful pasta business, so the Lohans were well-to-do when young Lindsay decided, at age 3, to become a fashion model. OK, maybe Lindsay didn't decide. Maybe her mother, Dina -- who is still her manager to this day -- decided for her. Just a guess.

At any rate, Li'l Lohan did dozens of ads for Toys 'R' Us, Calvin Klein Kids, and others, appearing in magazines all over the world. Then she moved on to TV commercials, which led to a regular gig on 'Another World" when she was just 10. Having experienced soap operas firsthand, she now had something to pattern her life after in later years

Lohan played twins in Disney's Parent Trap remake in 1998, which led to more Disney projects, including a Freaky Friday remake with Jamie Lee Curtis in 2003. Soon she was the toast of Hollywood, the latest talented, squeaky-clean young actress. Roger Ebert compared her to Jodie Foster. But hey -- no pressure, Linds.

Lohan caught real mainstream, widespread fame with 2004's Mean Girls, which critics and audiences, including older teens and young adults, loved. She followed that up with three memorable Saturday Night Live hosting gigs.